Your Unrivaled Partner in Any Control and Analysis at Any Field

FCS (Field Control Services) is a field control, analysis and reporting agency which was established by Ekom Group, in order to provide technological analysis, brand price comparison, strategic reporting, stand, additional display follow up, data / insert follow up and feedback services, stocktaking services of returned products or products in good condition at warehouse or points of purchase to its customers, which are crucial matters for brand owners and it has seen as an opportunity in its 25 years of field experience.

FCS provides auditing, information and detailed reporting in all kinds of operations of its customers with its analytical human power and technological infrastructure and in all aspects of the field with specially developed softwares. Moreover, it constantly monitors and analyses the discount data of hundreds of national, local, hyper, super and discount stores and archives them by converting them into comparative reports. FCS provides pinpointing on marketing and sales decisions of brands with its auditing and analysis services and prevents losses and increases gains.